My Approach

My name is Adam Rakich, I Love Electronics! I started my PC repair service to offer a fast, affordable and quality service in the Inland Empire. I’m a very dedicated individual that is in pursuit of a successful business. In order to do that I make my customer #1 and provide a very reliable service.

Founder & CEO

Adam Rakich

My Story

When I was just out of high school, about 2005 I started tinkering with computers and upgrading my own PC. My beginning goal was basically to be able to play the games that me and my friends were into. Shortly later my older brother Joel Rakich obtained a business in the city of Fontana, Advanced Computer Resources. I got my hands on just about anything I could, software, hardware, networking and website building. It was April of 2018, and I was ready to venture on my own and be my own technician!